Hydropulse test systems

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The HP series of hydropulse test systems are used for dynamic internal pressure pulsation of all types of hydraulic parts with defined load profiles (load curve shapes and frequency), for burst pressure testing, for tightness testing and for determining leakage rate.

The active system is equipped with the new highly dynamic iterative learning controller (IL control). In combination with sensors with plausibility checking, they ensure the highest degree of reproducibility in the test results.

Dynamic pressure testing:

Internal pressure pulsation according to: 

•    DIN/ISO and SAE standards
•    Customer-specific parameters

Static pressure testing:

Burst pressure testing according to:

•    DIN/ISO and SAE standards
•    Customer-specific parameters

Technical specifications:

Test stations:                                    Single- and double-chamber systems
                                                            Test chamber with tempering (add. climate control possible)
Testing pressure:                            0 to 100 MPa standard (up to 350 MPa on request)
Testing frequency:                           0.1 to 30 Hz (dependent on pulse shape/component)
Load shape:                                     Sinusoidal, trapezoidal (also custom shapes on request)
Testing medium:                             HLP oil, fully synthetic motor oil (other media on request)
Testing medium temp.:                  30 °C to 150 °C (pressure-dependent)
Control technology:                         IL control/PID control, industrial PC, Simatic S7 PLC,

                                                            visualisation, highly dynamic recording of measurement

                                                            data, online evaluation and archiving of current test, output of

                                                            customer-specific test logs, network-compatible

Test sample adaptation:                Flow and return flow line, test sample holder for fluid filter or     
                                                            (on customer request) single-station leak detection, single-
                                                            station switch-off in case of leak, measuring probe for mea-
                                                            suring component deformation
Optional extras:                               Torque wrench for documented tightening and loosening
                                                            torque, displacement sensors for measuring deformation,
                                                            measurement of leakage rate and expansion volume, additi-
                                                            onal flow and return flow connections for testing components
                                                            in external temperature chamber, touchscreen operation 

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