Burst pressure test systems

| Room temperature RTBD0150 | High temperature HTBD0150

Our hydraulic burst pressure test systems are used for measuring the burst pressure on fluid components and systems at oil temperatures up to:
•      40 °C with the RTBD0150 room temperature system
•    150 °C with the HTBD0150 high temperature system.
They are specially designed for development testing, for testing laboratories and for in-series quality monitoring and are thus equipped according to specific customer requirements.

Burst profile:
•    Linear pressure ramp
•    Pressure profile according to DIN/ISO and SAE standards
•    Customer-specific parameters

Technical specifications:

Test stations:                                  Single and double-chamber systems
Pressure range:                             0 to 15 MPa standard (up to 350 MPa on request)
Testing medium:                             HLP oil, fully synthetic motor oil (other media on request)
Testing medium temp.:                 •      RT = up to max.   40 °C (temperature window +/- 2 K)

                                                           •      HT = up to max.   150 °C (temperature window +/- 5 K)
Control technology:                        Industrial PC, Simatic S7 PLC, visualisation, highly

                                                           dynamic recording of measurement data, online evaluati-
                                                           on and archiving of current test, output of customer-speci-
                                                           fic test logs, network-compatible
Test sample adaptation:               Interchangeable adapter system with mechanical or hy- 

                                                           draulic test sample clamping or according to customer  

Optional extras:                              Torque wrench for documented tightening and loosening

                                                           torque, displacement sensors for measuring deformation,

                                                           measurement of leakage rate and expansion volume, ad - 

                                                           ditional side flow and return flow connections for testing

                                                           components in external temperature chamber, touch-     

                                                           screen operation

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