Precision pressure control system

| DRA0200

The mobile pressure control system (650x650x1770 mm) is designed for performing tightness testing on components using test gases. The test cycles can be programmed freely. The output pressure and the testing volume depend on the medium supply connected on the input side.

The pressure control system is used in the following application areas: leak testing, determination of leakage rate, tightness testing and testing for pressure loss. The system can also be used as a loading system for pressure accumulators with fixed or variable charging pressures using internal or external setpoint specification. In particular, it can be used for hydraulic systems with different working pressures.

Technical specifications:

Max. input pressure:                      0.25 MPa (2.5 bar)
Output pressure:                            0 to 20 MPa (0 to 200 bar)
Connection:                                     400 V/50 Hz/6 5 A
Control technology:                        Siemens S7
Interfaces:                                        According to customer specifications

Gas pressure loading unit

| GPLS0300

The GPLS0300 gas pressure loading unit is a stationary or mobile pressure loading unit (with a compact design of 855x666x1730 mm) for compressing air, test gases or test gas mixtures to 30 MPa (300 bar) with a flow volume of 40 (70) normal litre/min. Higher pressures and flow volumes are available on request.

The system is used primarily for leak testing, determining leak rates, tightness testing and for filling high-pressure and oxygen tanks

Technical specifications:

Max. loading pressure:                   30 MPa (300 bar)
Flow volume:                                     40 (70) Nl/min
Input pressure:                                 0 to 0.05 MPa (0 to 0.5 bar)
Connection:                                       400 V/50 (60) Hz/6 A
Water and recirculating cooler:     1.7 to 3.0 kW
Control technology:                          Siemens S7
Interfaces:                                          According to customer specifications

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